Clinical Reasoning: Novice to Expert

9/13/2021. Dr. Manish Suneja

Clinical Reasoning: Understanding Cognitive Biases/Errors

9/10/2021. Dr. Manish Suneja

Clinical Reasoning: Speaking the Same Language

9/8/2021. Dr. Katie Harris

Morning Report – Dr. Arya Zandvakili

Description: Overnight surg-co consult, syncope workup

Clinical Reasoning: Thinking or Blinking

9/7/2021. Dr. Manish Suneja


9/1/2021. Dr.

GI Bleeds

8/31/2021. Dr. Fadi Niyazi

Medication De-prescribing in Geriatrics

8/30/2021. Dr. Margo Schilling

IV Fluid Management

8/27/2021. Dr. Manish Suneja

Morning Report – Dr. Mahak Saad

08/25/2021. Description: Altered mental status and acute pancytopenia