Malabsorption Syndromes

Dr. Caryn Berkowitz

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Dr. Steve Polyak 12/29/2021

Hepatocellular Carcinoma

12/15/2021 Dr. Arvind Murali

Nonviral Hepatitis

11/3/2021 Dr. Kyle Brown

GI Bleeds

8/31/2021. Dr. Fadi Niyazi

Hepatobiliary Emergencies

07/19/2021, Dr. Silverman.

Ascites and Hepatorenal Syndrome

Dr. Sanchez 4/20/2021 <iframe src=”” height=”405″ width=”720″ style=”border: 1px solid #464646;” allowfullscreen allow=”autoplay”></iframe>

Colorectal Screening

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds Colorectal Screening: a critical analysis Dr. Richard Hoffman November 19, 2020

GERD / Endoscopy

Dr. Gerke GERD / Endoscopy 10/21/20

Drug Injury

November 1, 2018CPC: Drug Induced Liver Injury – The Importance of Getting it RightNicholas Arnold, MD (R2), Antonio Sanchez, MD,  and Charles Lynch, MD, PhD (College of Public Health) August 22, 2019CPC – Loperamide:  A “safe” OTC anti-diarrhea medication?Craig Rosenstengle, MD,  Dennis Firchau, MD (Pathology), Edward Bottei, MD (Iowa Poison Contraol Center)