Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Dr. Tanaka June 2020

Silverman Pearls – Biliary Disease

ERCP Patients: Common occurrence on 6RC, MICU, H/O On the day/night of admission you should figure out which ERCP staff is on call currently or who will be on in the morning. IF the patient does not need to be seen until the next morning you need to page/email the on call person for the […]

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Today’s lecture was about inpatient management by Dr. Polyak. He also used an algorithm he developed with our very own Dr. Dhedhi (currently GI fellow at SLU). You can find here the: Slides – Inpatient Management of IBD 2020 Associated article – Inpatient Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Related Complications. CGH 2020 Algorithm –Severe UC Protocol v8 […]