Pleural Diseases

Lunch: Andale Andale – Chicken, pork, or beef burrito (Veg V GF opt)

Mock Recruitment Case

Lunch: HyVee – Pork tenderloin, chili glazed boneless chicken, French fries, grilled veggies (Veg V GF opt)


Lunch: HyVee – Lasagna w/meat sauce, garden salad, assorted salad dressings

Medical Errors

Lunch: HyVee – Cheeseburgers/hamburgers, roasted potato wedges, Mac & cheese (Veg V GF opt)

Secondary Hypertension

Lunch: HyVee – Chicken alfredo, garden salad, assorted salad dressing (Veg V GF opt)

House Staff

Lunch: Oasis – Mediterranean food, assorted pita boxed lunches (Veg V GF opt)


Lunch: HyVee Taco buffet – Chicken and beef, Mexican rice, black beans (Veg V GF opt)

ID Emergencies

Lunch: HyVee Chinese – Black pepper chicken, sesame chicken, fried rice, crab rangoon (Veg V GF opt)

Acute Seizures and Status Epilepticus Management

Lunch: HyVee – Spicy/Regular chicken strips, French fries, grilled veggies (Veg V GF opt)

Clinical Reasoning/Decision Making Series Wrap-Up

Clinical Reasoning: Novice to Expert