ACGME Survey

All Categorical and Preliminary-Year Internal Medicine Residents:


The annual ACGME Resident Survey will be released to you within the next 24-48 hours.  You will receive an email directly from the ACGME with a link to the survey.  The email will probably come from  If you did not attend the noon conference presentation about the survey today or last Wednesday, please review the Panopto recording and the attached PowerPoint slides prior to completing the survey.  You can also use the slides as a resource while you complete the survey, if needed.


A couple of points about the survey:

  • Your responses are 100% confidential. Our program will only see aggregate results.

  • Take your time in carefully reading each question and the response foils. The response scale may flip during the survey.

  • Pay attention to the terminology used and how the ACGME defines terms (e.g. “in-house call” and “cross-coverage”). See attached slides for definitions.

  • Please answer the questions honestly based on your experience in our program since July 1, 2020.

  • Everyone gets 1 hour of conference credit for completing the survey.


This is required and we expect a 100% completion rate!  You should feel free to approach any of us in the residency leadership if you have questions about the survey.

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