Resident Presentations

Case Conferences (Morning Report)

68yo M with SOB, recurrent

65yo F with necrotic tongue lesion with AHRF

75yo M with chest pain and rash

87yo M with subacute generalized weakness, fatigue and low energy

45yo M with facial droop and weakness

22yo F with subacute progressive purpuric rash

39yoM w/ AMS, hallucinations. involuntary movements

65yo M with “altered mental status”, hyperreflexia and rigidity

20yo F brought in “unresponsive”, intermittently lucid +/- hallucinations

53yo M with AMS, transaminitis, and shock

73yo M with acute onset nausea/vomiting, recent medication changes

57yo F with significant weight loss and weakness

33yo M with shortness of breath

55yo M with lethargy, fever, AMS

74yo M with diffuse body and joint aches

81yo F with abdominal pain

77yo M with encephalopathy

72yo F with substernal crushing chest pain

43yo F with chronic progressive shortness of breath

59yo M with acute abdominal pain

73yo M with fatigue, lack of energy, dyspnea

69yo M with acute Cr elevation

55yo M with hx kidney transplant and acute diarrhea

25yo M with subacute F, myalgia, SOB

21yo M with 1mo joint pain, fever, weight loss

68yo M with transient LOC

60yo M with AMS and acute pancytopenia

50yo M with left arm pain and swelling

64yo M with HIV p/w SOB

31yo F with SLE p/w hematoma and acute anemia

20yoM with subacute sore throat and fevers

Surg-co consults

60y M hx transplant p/w encephalopathy and neuro sx

Morning Report – Borghoff – 25 yo with weakness

74 year old male with fall and SOB

73 yo with hyponatremia, AMS, shock

73 yo presenting with hemoptysis

80 year old presenting with palpitations and SOB

35 year old with hand pain

53 yo presenting with AMS after meth use

34 yo with generalized illness

72 y.o. with PMH DLBCL presents with N/V

34 yo with cheek swelling

72 yo with N/V abdominal pain

HTN Emergency with SOB

Recurrent VTach

33 yo with chest pain

31 yo with R hand and ankle weakness

42 year old with N/V and fatigue

Shortness of Breath

Loss of Conciousness

TNF inhibitor and endemic mycoses

Lithium Toxicity

IgA Vasculitis

Digoxin Toxicity


Autoimmune Hepatitis

Burkitt’s Lymphoma

Paraneoplastic vertigo

Optic Neuritis – neurosarcoid

Systemic Sclerosis and Pulmonary HTN

Dizziness and Hypercalcemia

Acute Liver Injury

Hyponatremia and lyme disease


Acute Upper GI Bleed

Peripheral Neuropathy

Fever in a Traveler

AV blockade – Sarcoidosis

Hand and Foot Rashes

Adrenal Incidentaloma


Pericardial Effusion

Primary versus secondary homeostasis

Sweet Syndrome

Restrictive Cardiomyopathy

Hepatic Encephalopathy

Checkpoint Inhibitor Hypophysitis


Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia