Resident Education

ACP Clinical Vignettes

Rash and Renal Disease

A Rheumatic HIT

Shortness of Breath in an Immunocompromised Host

I Can’t Move my Arms or Legs

Ascites, A Rainbow of Opportunity

A Purpura Puzzle

Concern for Food Allergy

Parkinsonism: Eyeing an Unusual Diagnosis

Owner of a Lonely Heart

Hypercalcemia due to ectopic PTH secretion from metastatic tumor treated with CRRT

Chest Pain and Dyspnea

An usual case of diverticulitis

What lurks in the shadow

Headache after a fall

Painful tongue mass

Shaky Delirium

Fever revisited in an immunocompromised patient

Fever and shortness of breath

When heart failure isn’t just heart failure

Hives, Joint Pain, and Fevers: A Diagnosis…

Altered Behavior and Malaise

The Bruise Comes Before the Fall

Deadly Wavy Rhythm

Heart Failure with a Twist: Fever and Lymphadenopathy in an Immunosuppressed Patient

VTE in malignancy, an alternative mechanism

Encephalopathy, Respiratory Depression, and Flaccid Paralysis

Wha’t’s going on?

Coagulopathy with hypercalcemica and confusion

Autoimmune Hepatitis Presenting with Concurrent Myocarditis

A case of vision loss

Clozapine, a Catch-22

CAP with a Twist

Multiple Positive Autoantibodies and Recurrent Anterior Uveitis

I can’t see

Too Close to the Edge

Fibromyalgia or a PE?

Chronic Refractory Diarrhea in an AIDS patient

Bleeding Gastric Varices with a Normal Liver

Creating a Path through Fevers and Dyspnea

Recurrent VT/VF

A Hiccup in the Workup of Altered Mental Status

Do you want to build a snowman?

A not-so-simple fever and cough

Not Just Another GI Bleed

Postoperative Presyncope

A Mixed Picture

22-Year Old Male with a Mediastinal Mass and Hemoptysis

Shortness of Breath, Not Always What You’d Expect

A Clot in Transit

When things don’t improve after ERCP