QI Projects

For IRL QI projects, please access the Sharepoint link below to find information regarding the handouts, ongoing projects, and assignments. https://iowa.sharepoint.com/sites/internalmed/residency/QI

Since the development of our QI curriculum we have had 60+ Resident Led QI Projects.

Below is a list of QI projects that have been completed since the start of our Quality Improvement program.

Iowa River Landing

  • Mental Health Resources

  • Weight Management

  • Colorectal Cancer 45-40

  • Goals of Care Conversation >70

  • Hepatitis C Screening

VA Medical Center

  • Increasing SGLT2 Inhibitors in DM – yr 3
  • Hypertension Management

  • Hepatitis C Screening

  • Aspirin Deprescribing

  • Naltrexone for Chronic Opioids

Med Psych QI Project

  • Med-Psych Restraint Use

VA Presentations

Iowa River Landing

  • Increasing Breast Cancer Screening

  • Hepatitis C Screening

  • Healthy Living – Improving Obesity

  • Lung Cancer Screening

  • Bare Bellow The Elbows

VA Medical Center

  • Increasing LST Notes in Primary Care – yr 2

  • Increasing Diabetic Foot Exam Rates – yr 2

  • Improving COC Scheduling – yr 2

  • Increasing SGLT2 Inhibitors in DM – yr 2

  • Improving Pneumococcal Vaccination – yr 2

Med Psych QI Project

  • Naltrexit – yr 2

VA Medical Center

  • Increasing LST Notes in Primary Care

  • Increasing Diabetic Foot Exam Rates

  • Improving COC Scheduling

  • Increasing SGLT2 Inhibitors in DM

  • Improving Pneumococcal Vaccination

Med Psych QI Project

  • Naltrexit

Iowa River Landing

  • Increasing MMR Vaccination Rates

  • Increasing Statins in Patients with Diabetes

  • ASA Deprescribing

  • Just in Time A1C

  • Statin Intolerance

VA Medical Center

  • Increasing Metformin in Prediabetes

  • COPD Deprescribing

  • Deprescribing in Elderly Veterans

  • Chronic Back Pain

  • PPI Deprescribing

Iowa River Landing

  • Inpatient Face Sheet & Questions

  • Increasing HIV Screening

  • Pneumovax in Tobacco Users

  • Increasing FIT Testing Follow Up

  • Increasing Metformin in Prediabetes 2

VA Medical Center

  • Following New HTN Guidelines

  • Increasing PFTs in COPD

  • Reducing CHF Admissions

  • Increasing FIT Testing

  • Increasing AAA Screening

Iowa River Landing

  • Resident Clinic Flow/Template Changes

  • Increasing Osteoporosis Screening

  • Increasing FIT Testing

  • Obtaining Outside Records for New Patients

  • Increasing Metformin in Prediabetes 1

VA Medical Center

  • Increasing Statins in Diabetes

  • Increasing Prevnar-13 Vaccination

  • Documenting A-Fib Correctly

  • PPI Deprescribing

  • Increasing Depression Screen Follow-up

Iowa River Landing

  • PPI Deprescribing

  • Increasing Colorectal Cancer Screening

  • Ensuring Follow-up of Test Results

  • Improving Staffing Model 2

  • Proper HTN Management in Diabetes.

VA Medical Center

  • Making An Orientation Booklet

  • Making a Healthcare Maintenance Template

  • Deprescribing Opiates

  • Creating an After Visit Summary

  • Ensuring Follow-up of Test Results

Iowa River Landing

  • Assigning Primary Care Residents

  • Improving Rooming Process

  • Improving Scheduling For Interns

  • Improving Staffing Model 1

  • Improving Scheduling for New Patients

Quality Improvement Scholarship

The University of Iowa Department of Medicine understands that Quality Improvement and Patient Safety presents a phenomenal opportunity for scholarship for our residents. To showcase our commitment to our patient’s safety and to provide an avenue for scholarship the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics host an annual Quality and Safety Symposium in which our resident teams are given the opportunity, encouragement, resources, and mentorship to submit and present their projects. After this, many teams submit their projects to large regional and national meetings.

Since the development of our curriculum we have had…

  • 60+ resident led QI Projects

  • 30+ resident led QI Projects presented at our local Quality and Safety Symposium

  • 18 resident teams present oral presentations or posters at SGIM Midwest Regional Meeting

  • resident teams present posters at SGIM National Meeting

  • resident teams present at Medicine or Psychiatry Conferences

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