Doing Procedures


Always obtain Patient or family consent prior to procedure is required. At UIHC, use white consent sheets found near nursing stations. Don’t forget to fill out the “time out” portion on the back. At VAMC, get a computre on wheels to use the I-med Consent program

Monitored phone call can be used for procedures as well. Speak to

Get supervision (senior resident or staff) for all procedures.

Write a procedure note in EPIC/CPRS. Be sure to order procedure first so that it appears in Notewriter.Complete procedure note:

  • In EPIC: Go to procedure tab on left hand side under consult tab ⇒ Create Documentation ⇒ Choose the procedure ⇒ search for the appropriate template. Ask your senior resident for assistance finding note templates.


Select procedure which will be listed under current orders

  • Lumbar Puncture
  • Central line
  • Arterial Line

Record your procedure in MedHub.

Below is the central line grading sheet that is used when you are evaluated after your central line training. The thing that most people fail with is breaking the sterile field. Pro tip: have a second person watching you and let you know if you break sterile field. You can always change your gloves or your gown and save the procedure.

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