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Distance learning has become an emphasis for programs around the country.

At Iowa, we actively strive to engage our residents with innovative ways to improve their education. Over the last year, we updated our resident hub to increase functionality, accessibility, and evolve more content. The chief website serves as a portal to host video recordings of all of our noon conferences since 2016, board review sessions, and morning reports. It also serves as a platform for us to both create and distribute content in a way that allows maximum flexibility, increased engagement with our curriculum, and enhanced access to all of the resources that we offer as a program. Our goal is to highlight not only our educational opportunities and copious resources, but all the contributions and accomplishments of the residents.



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  • Meet Our APPs: Katharine Ruestow, DNP, ARNP
    on March 28, 2023

    We are pleased to present the next in our weekly series introducing you to Internal Medicine’s Advanced Practice Providers. In addition to sharing information about where they work in the department, we asked them each to tell us a little bit about their “Why” (the sustaining pull for their work) and what relaxes them. (Read

  • Optimization of Neoadjuvant Therapy for Early-Stage Triple-Negative and HER2 + Breast Cancer
    on March 27, 2023

    Article: Optimization of Neoadjuvant Therapy for Early-Stage Triple-Negative and HER2 + Breast Cancer Author: Sneha Phadke Journal: Curr Oncol Rep. 2022 Dec;24(12):1779-1789 Abstract: Purpose of review: Neoadjuvant, or pre-operative, therapy for the treatment of early-stage breast cancer has several potential benefits, especially for patients with triple-negative or HER2 + subtypes. This review provides an overview

  • Education, our motivating force
    on March 24, 2023

    I cannot speak for all physicians, but I think that no matter how many years it has been, it is easy to be reminded of the equal measures of excitement and nervousness that came with our own Match Day. Before most of us even finish medical school, we are already putting our hopes into that