Quality and Safety Symposium

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Since the development of our QI curriculum we have had 30+ Resident Led QI Projects presented at our local Quality and Safety Symposium.



2020 Quality & Safety Symposium Resident Posters

  • Cancelled due to COVID-19



2019 Quality & Safety Symposium Resident Posters

  • Improving Distress Screening Uptake by Providers in the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center – Allister Wilton
  • Reducing Inappropriate PPI use at local VA – Roger Struble
  • Improving Management of Pre-Diabetes in an Internal Medicine resident continuity of care clinic – Laura Hill
  • Chronic Low Back Pain – A Project to Increase Knowledge and Comfort with Management – Hildur Jonsdottir
  • No Man Left Behind – Preventing Loss to Follow Up At The Iowa City VA – Matthew Soltys
  • Pneumovax (PPSV-23) in individuals who smoke: An often forgotten cohort



2018 Quality & Safety Symposium Resident Posters

  • Improving Accurate Diagnosis of COPD based on the 2017 GOLD Guidelines – Mosan Chaudhry
  • Screening for AAA at a Regional VA, a Quality Improvement Initiative – Roger Struble
  • Foot Exams in a Student-Run Clinic: How to Change Weekly Provider Behavior When the Provider Changes Weekly – Jeremy Steinman
  • Trouble is a Foot (Exam) – Part 2 – Jeremy Steinman
  • Utilization of FIT for Colorectal Cancer Screening at an Academic Internal Medicine Clinic – Nat Thompson
  • Improving Treatment of Prediabetes with Metformin in Internal Medicine Outpatient Clinic – Kelly Koehn



2017 Quality & Safety Symposium Resident Posters

  • Colorectal Cancer Screening at Iowa River Landing – Nat Thomson
  • Trouble is a Foot (Exam) – Jeremy Steinman
  • Atrial Fibrillation at the VA – Irregularly Irregular Documentation and How to Improve It – Jeremy Steinman
  • Managing Test Results – Communication and Documentation in the 21st Century – Katherine Chenoweth
  • Appropriate Statin Therapy Using a Pharmacy Checklist in a VA Population of Diabetic Patients – Mike Klein
  • Appropriate Proton Pump Inhibitor Prescribing in a Medicine Resident Continuity of Care Clinic – Keenan Laraway
  • Improving Depression Screening Through Reminder Completion in a Medicine Resident Clinic – Justin Chau



2016 Quality & Safety Symposium Resident Posters

  • Sending Mail Out Consistently to Improve Patient Knowledge (SMOCK) – Sheena CarlLee
  • Evaluating Rooming Time and Medical Assistant Task at an Outpatient Internal Medicine Clinic – Amanda Grippen
  • Improving Documentation of Healthcare Maintenance in the Iowa City VA Primary Care Clinic – Jennifer Langstengel
  • Improving Documentation of Obesity at the Iowa River Landing Internal Medicine Clinic – Lisa Morselli
  • Specialized PICC Line Teams and Their Effects on Inpatient Length of Stay – Florence-Damilola Odufalu
  • Implementation of After Visit Summary in the VA Resident Outpatient Care Clinic – Dr. Sanchez-Luna
  • Improving Resident Continuity of Care at an Outpatient Internal Medicine Clinic – Chad Ward
  • Peripheral Artery Disease in Veterans – James Willey
  • Iowa City VA White Clinic Narcotic Prescription Quality Improvement Project – Josiah Zubairu


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