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The downloadable CV template provided here is a guide to help residents create a CV for the first time or to review tips and advice to refine their current CV. This template is intended as a guide — while some sections are standard and expected, others are more flexible. Everyone’s CV is unique and I am always happy to work with residents individually on creating or updating a CV.

The order of the sections in the template should be followed, e.g., Education first, with higher education and postgrad work divided and listed chronologically, and ending with Service.

Please note: for those of you who have already attended one of the CV sessions or to whom I have already emailed the template, I have changed the Licensing and Awards sections—I removed them from the Education section and made them into their own sections. I hope this doesn’t cause confusion!

For the rest of the template, use it as a guide for section heading titles, how to format different entries, and help guide where and how to list experiences.

Within each section, what should be followed closely is text formatting—punctuation, capitalization, and indents. Overall, the CV should be easy to read, which means consistent formatting throughout.

The PDF of the slides presented at the CV sessions has also been slightly updated from its first posting here. (And will likely be updated again as more residents chime in with questions and suggestions, and as I learn more about the Internal Medicine residency program.) The slides explain each section in detail and note general suggestions.

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