ABIM Certification Exam Preparation Resources

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External Resources Available for Free:

1.    MKSAP– content and questions (every resident gets online access)

2.    Board Review content available via Hardin Library (free institutional subscription)

Access via -> Subject Guides -> Medicine -> Internal Medicine -> Exam Prep

a.    Harrison’s™ Principles of Internal Medicine: Self-Assessment and Board Review, (link)

                                          i.    Need to create a My Access account (free)

                                         ii.    1296 ABIM- board prep questions with answers

                                        iii.    Direct citations to Harrison’s text for content review

                                        iv.    Allows for creation of interactive customizable quizzes

                                         v.    Mobile access available via AccessMedicine App

                                        vi.    Account creation allows for reporting of completed questions/quizzes to APDs

b.    Board Vitals (link):  note link denotes USMLE Step 3 content, but ABIM questions are available at same site

                                          i.    935 ABIM-style questions

                                         ii.    You need to login from on-campus and create an account for initial use

c.     Johns Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review (link)

                                          i.    Purely content review.  No questions.

                                         ii.    Similar to MedStudy-  Tables, Charts, bullet points, figures, pics

d.    Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Board Review Questions and Answers (link)

                                          i.    300 questions with answers

                                         ii.    Textbook style format (i.e. not interactive)

                                        iii.    Direct citations to medical literature

e.    Access Medicine Flashcards (link)

                                          i.    CURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment (CMDT) Flashcards

                                         ii.    Pathophysiology of Disease Flashcards

                                        iii.    The Big Picture: Medical Physiology Flashcards

                                        iv.    DeGowin’s Diagnostic Examination Flashcards

                                         v.    Biochemistry and Genetics Flashcards

                                        vi.    Microbiology & Infectious Disease Flashcards

                                       vii.    Pathology Flashcards

                                      viii.    Pharmacology Flashcards

f.      Access Medicine Showdown (link)

                                          i.    Quiz-bowl style medical jeopardy game

                                         ii.    Head to head battle against computer or colleague. Live or delayed turn-based game. Customizable content areas.

                                        iii.    Short answer questions –there are bugs in the system

External Resources Available for a Cost:

1.    UWorld ABIM– 1150 questions, Subscriptions range 30d ($199) to 2 years ($599)

2.    NEJM Knowledge+– 4500 questions, Adaptive learning theory, 1 yr ($650)

3.    MedStudy– Digital Core Curriculum ($449), Core Audio Pearls ($399), 1-yr Q&A ($349)

Internal Resources

1.    Iowa Board Review Series recordings (available on Panopto, links are below)

2.    Board Review Series Power Points (plan to have available on sharepoint)

3.    MKSAP 17 hard copy books (available in Abbey’s office)

4.    Board Basics hard copy (available in Abbey’s office)


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