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Nonviral Hepatitis

11/3/2021 Dr. Kyle Brown

Seronegative Spondyloarthropathies

10/20/2021, Dr. Scott Vogelgesang

Journal Club: SGLT-2 Inhibitors Effect on Hepatic Steatosis and Fibrosis

10/19/2021 – Journal Club Dr. Tommy Robinson and Dr. Rob Windisch Mentor: Dr. Justin Smock


Dr. Kathie Zhang Mentor: Dr. Meenakshi Sambharia ACP Clinical Vignettes

FINALIST: Not Just a Hemorrhoid?

Dr. Katelin Durham, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Arvind Murali ACP Clinical Vignettes

FINALIST: Rash in a Patient with Transaminitis and Bile Duct Stricturing

Dr. Paul Mester Mentor: Dr. Bradley Manning ACP Clinical Vignettes

FINALIST: Significant Mucosal Bleeding in a Patient with Lupus

Dr. Ololade Saliu, PGY3 Mentor: Dr. Usha Perepu ACP Clinical Vignettes

Thyroid Myopathy

Dr. John Salomone, PGY3 Mentor: Dr. Wendy Fiordellisi ACP Clinical Vignettes

Fever, Throat Pain, and a Mysterious Rash

Dr. Josh Denk, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Mayy Chahla ACP Clinical Vignettes

Rash Decisions

Dr. David Olafsson, PGY3 Mentor: Dr. Michihiko Goto ACP Clinical Vignettes

Altered Mental Status Following an Admission for High Blood Glucose

Dr. Sam Zetumer, PGY3 Mentor: Dr. Justin Smock ACP Clinical Vignettes

A Serious Case of Diarrhea

Dr. Shahana Prakash, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Andy Bryant ACP Clinical Vignettes

A Case of Bloody Diarrhea

Dr. Alex Garza, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Fadi Niyazi ACP Clinical Vignettes

What a Shock!

Dr. Naomi Vather-Wu, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Amie Ogunsakin ACP Clinical Vignettes

Altered Mental Status and Abdominal Pain

Dr. Greg Kirkpatrick, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Katherine Harris ACP Clinical Vignettes

Diffuse Calcinosis as a Presenting Symptom of Dermatomyositis

Dr. Madalyn Walsh, PGY1 Mentor: Dr. Brittany Bettendorf ACP Clinical Vignettes

A Tale of Two Diagnoses

Dr. Mahak Saad, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Katherine Harris ACP Clinical Vignettes

A Lysis Crisis

Dr. Evelyn Ross-Shapiro, PGY3 Mentor: Dr. Sabarish Ayyappan ACP Clinical Vignettes

Life Loves the Liver of It

Dr. Aron Evans, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Huy Tran ACP Clinical Vignettes

Failure and Celiac Disease

Dr. Christian Anderson, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Josalyn Cho ACP Clinical Vignettes

Vision and Hearing Loss in a Patient with Encephalopathy

Dr. Hashim Chaudry, PGY5 Mentor: Dr. Tracey Cho ACP Clinical Vignettes

Scleritis is Just the Beginning

Dr. Ashwin Subramani Mentor: Dr. Bashir Abuwayas ACP Clinical Vignettes

This is Not GERD

Dr. Dave Dimachkie, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Melinda Johnson ACP Clinical Vignettes

Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Dr. Ahmed Abdelhamid, PGY3 Mentor: Dr. Kan Liu ACP Clinical vignettes

Nothing but Net: A Case of Livedo Reticularis

Dr. Benny Chang, PGY3 Mentor: Katherine Harris, MD ACP Clinical Vignettes


10/5/2021, Dr. Amie Ogunsakin

Pleural Diseases

10/1/2021, Dr. Thomas Gross

Secondary Hypertension

09/24/2021, Dr. Lee Sanders


9/21/2021, Dr. Jeff Meier

ID Emergencies

09/20/2021, Dr Ben Appenheimer.

Acute Seizures and Status Epilepticus

09/17/2021 – Dr. Mark Granner

Clinical Reasoning: Novice to Expert

9/13/2021. Dr. Manish Suneja

Clinical Reasoning: Understanding Cognitive Biases/Errors

9/10/2021. Dr. Manish Suneja

Clinical Reasoning: Speaking the Same Language

9/8/2021. Dr. Katie Harris

Clinical Reasoning: Thinking or Blinking

9/7/2021. Dr. Manish Suneja


9/1/2021. Dr.

Medication De-prescribing in Geriatrics

8/30/2021. Dr. Margo Schilling

IV Fluid Management

8/27/2021. Dr. Manish Suneja


8/24/2021. Dr. Spyridon Fortis


08/23/2021, Dr. Charles Rappaport

Colchicine in Patients with Chronic Coronary Disease, LoDoCo2 Trial

08/20/21: Colchicine in Patients with Chronic Coronary Disease, LoDoCo2 Trial

Approach to Hypoxia

08/18/2021. Dr. Brian Gehlbach

Approach to Thrombocytopenia

08/16/2021. Dr. Grerk Sutamtewagul

Acute Stroke Management

08/13/2021. Dr. Enrique Leira.

Infective Endocarditis

08/09/2021. Dr. Jason Barker

Endocrine Emergencies

8/6/2021. Dr. Amal Shibli-Rahhal

Antimicrobial Stewardship

8/3/2021. Dr. Dilek Ince, Patrick Kinn, Kelly Percival

SLE and antiphospholipid syndrome

8/4/2021. Dr. Rebecca Tuetken

Approach to Anemia

08/2/2021. Dr. Grerk Sutamtewagul

Allergic Emergencies for the IM Physician

7/30/2021. Dr Ben Davis

Ventilator Basics

07/27/2021. Dr. Paul Nassar and Dr. Charles Rappaport

Approach to Altered Mental Status

7/26/2021, Dr. Manish Suneja


07/23/2021. Dr. Manish Suneja.

Acid Base Balance

7/21/2021, Dr. Manish Suneja

Hepatobiliary Emergencies

07/19/2021, Dr. Silverman.


07/16/2021, Dr. Manish Suneja


7/14/2021, Dr. Greg Schmidt


7/12/2021, Dr. Phil Horwitz.

Opioid Management on the Wards

7/9/2021, Dr. Lee Kral.

Rheumatology Emergencies

7/7/2021, Dr. Bharat Kumar

Dermatology Emergencies

7/6/2021, Dr. John Selby

Timing of Endoscopy for GI Bleed

NEJM – Timing of Endoscopy for Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding 2020 Dr. Derek Vogel & Dr. Jeff Rytlewski

Ultrasound-Driven Diagnostic Protocol

“Impact of an ultrasound-driven diagnostic protocol at early intensive-care stay: a randomized-controlled trial” Dr. Sydney Bowaster & Dr. Yana Zemkova  Mentor: Charles Rappaport, MD

Lung Cancer Screening – Meta-Analysis

Lung Cancer Screening with Low-Dose CT: a Meta-Analysis Dr. Laura Hill and Dr. Derek Hupp Mentor: Dr. Richard Hoffman

Nintedanib for ILD – Sabih

Nintedanib for Systemic Associated Interstitial Lung Disease Dr. Lena Sabih May 2020

Vitamin C – Soltys

 Dr. Matt Soltys Vitamin C for preventing and treating the common cold (Review)


Dr. Tyler Bullis Mentor: Paul Lindower, MD NICM Handout


R2 talk – Understanding HFpEF Dr. Abdelhamid 1.     Definition a.     Heart failure in general is when the heart’s oxygen delivery is not meeting the body’s oxygen demand and if it does meet it, it is with high chamber filling pressures b.     Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction is a specific type of heart failure that […]

Cardiac Stress Testing

Dr. Adil Hassan Mentor: Dr. Hagiwara Cardiac stress testing Adil Hassan Who needs stress testing? Anyone presenting with new complaint of angina or recurrent complaint of angina (regardless of medical history) with NO evidence of active ischemia (EKG changes, elevated troponin) Who should NOT be stressed? Anyone that has unstable angina Pre-stress considerations? What is the patients […]

Clinical Applications of Psychedelic Drugs 

He Benny Chang R2 Talk 5/25/21 Clinical Applications of Psychedelic Drugs What is the difference between a hallucinogen and a psychedelic drug? Hallucinogens are a broad category of drugs that cause ‘hallucinations’. Psychedelics are a type of hallucinogen that work via 5-HT2A receptor agonism. Briefly recount the history of psychedelic drugs. Psychedelics have been used for thousands […]

Cardiovascular Disease in Pregnancy

Dr. Qiujun Yu Mentor: Dr. Mahi Ashwath

Venom/Sting Allergy

Dr. John Salomone 3/26/21

Racial Disparities in Healthcare

Dr. Sam Zetumer Mentor: Dr. Krista Johnson 3/17/21


Dr. Stephen Brennan, MD Mentor: Marcelo Corlea


Dr. Wendy Liu Mentor: Leon Jons, MD Overview * Losing weight likely has cardiovascular and mortality benefit, but main proven benefit is in reducing incidence and prevalence of development of diabetes * Growing epidemic: more than 1/3 of US adults are obese (BMI >30) * Obesity should be viewed as a chronic, relapsing multifactorial disease […]


Dr. Evelyn Ross-Shapiro Mentor Gwen Beck FDA Approved Indications for MHT Who: Healthy women who are within 10 years of menopause OR younger than 60 and do not have contraindications Indications: • Vasomotor Symptoms: First-line therapy for appropriate candidates • Vulvovaginal Atrophy (VVA) / GSM: shown to effectively restore GU tract anatomy, increase superficial vaginal […]

Aortic Stenosis

Dr. Emily Nguyen, MD, PhD Mentor: Milena Gebska, MD, PhD Aortic Stenosis Definition: Valvular aortic stenosis is a progressive disease in which the end stage is characterized by obstruction of left ventricular outflow, resulting in inadequate cardiac output, decreased exercise capacity, heart failure, and death from cardiovascular causes. Typical Symptoms: * Angina * Dyspnea on […]


Dr. Nathan Hocker Mentor: Dr. Lisa Antes Thrombotic Microangiopathy Criteria * Microangiopathic Hemolytic Anemia * Thrombocytopenia * End-organ damage – AKI, CVA, MI, PE, Encephalopathy, Symptoms of underlying cause. AKI most common. * No coagulopathy (as opposed to DIC) Classification – Primary vs Secondary * Primary – genetic or antibody-mediated o TTP o Complement-Mediated * […]


Dr. Chermaine Hung PGY-2 Mentor: Dr. Amal Shibli-Rahhal Definition Bone Mineral Density Measurement (BMD) BMD T-score at hip and spine Osteopenia BMD 1-2.5 SD below mean for young adult women T Score -1 to -2.5 Osteoporosis BMD -2.5 SD below normal mean for young adult women T score < -2.5 Severe osteoporosis BMD -2.5 SD […]

Cardiogenic Shock and hemodynamics

Dr. Jared Robl, PGY-2 April 27th, 2021 Hemodynamics Review: * Mean Arterial Pressure = Cardiac Output x Systemic Vascular Resistance * Cardiac Output (L/min) = heart rate (bpm) x SV (ml) * Determinants of Stroke Volume are o 1) Preload * the end diastolic volume (not the EDP! though these two are correlated) * this […]

HTN Urgency

Dr. Tommy Robinson 4/7/2021

Diabetic Kidney Disease

Dr. Matthew Becker Mentor: Dr. Manish Suneja Evidence-Based Management of Diabetic Kidney Disease I. Objectives A) Discuss the screening and diagnosis of diabetic kidney disease (DKD) B) Review the physiologic progression of diabetes C) Discuss evidence-based management – glycemic control, blood pressure control, and the RAAS system D) When to consult nephrology II. Screening and […]

Eosinophilic Lung Syndromes

Dr. Ashwin Subramani Mentor: Dr. Jeff Wilson 3/2/2021 Eosinophilic Lung Syndromes Criteria: ·         Peripheral blood eosinophilia: >500×109 cells/L (normal: 35-350×109 cells/L) o   this one may not always be present! Confirm with BAL if high suspicion ·         BAL fluid eosinophilia: >5% eosinophils (normal: <1% eosinophils) o   gold standard ·         Eosinophilic infiltration of lung parenchyma (biopsy) Categories: […]

Hemolytic Anemia

Jason Winward, MD Mentor: Susan Roeder, DO, MS

Pulmonary Hypertension

R2 Talk Rob Windisch, MD Mentor: Alicia Gerke, MD Pulmonary Hypertension  Pulmonary hypertension (PH) – general term used to describe elevated pulmonary arterial blood pressure Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) – specific condition of the pulmonary arteries themselves which causes pulmonary hypertension Disease Process Increased pulmonary vasculature resistance or pulmonary venous pressure  pulmonary artery hypertension  […]


R2 Talk Zoonotic Diseases Ian Kidder, MD Mentor: Poorani Sekar, MD Zoonoses Handout ·         Zoonoses are infections acquired by direct or indirect contact with animals ·         6 out of 10 infections are zoonotic Household pets (cats and dogs) ·         Pasteurella o   Normal part of feline oral flora = contract from cat bites o   Cellulitis + […]

Secondary HTN

R2 Talk Secondary Hypertension PGY-2 Sean Pickthorn, MD Mentor: Diana Jalal, MD Department of Nephrology Background: It is not cost effective to screen everyone for secondary hypertension However, we should consider screening when: 1. Age <30 in non-obese with no family history 2. Acute rise compared to previously stable 3. Severe or resistant HTN 4. […]


R2 Talk Interstitial Lung Disease Dr. Paul Mester Mentor: Dr. Douglas Hornick, Departement of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Interstitial Lung Disease History: look for history of cigarette smoking, environmental exposures, history of autoimmune disease Symptoms: cough, dyspnea on exertion; may also have associated autoimmune symptoms (joint pains/swelling, Raynaud’s muscle weakness rash, GERD etc) Physical […]

AIDS Defining Illnesses

Olodae Saliu January 4th, 2021 Mentor: Ilonka Molano MD, Department of Infectious Disease AIDS Defining Illness Teaching Points AIDS is defined as a patient with HIV infection who has –          CD4 cell count < 200 OR –          CD4 cell count of any level AND an AIDS defining illness AIDS defining illnesses are conditions that occur […]

Rash and Renal Disease

Rachel Genova, MD, PhD PGY-1 Mentor: Andrei Schwartz, MD

A Rheumatic HIT

Jared Robl, MD PGY-2 Mentor: Milena Gebska, MD, PhD

Shortness of Breath in an Immunocompromised Host

Justin Buzick, MD PGY-3 Mentor: Dan Berg, MD

I Can’t Move my Arms or Legs

Kathleen Borghoff, MD PGY-3 Mentor: William Iverson, MD

Ascites, A Rainbow of Opportunity

Sean Pickthorn, MD PGY-2 Mentor: Lauri Lyckholm, MD

A Purpura Puzzle

Elin Beck, MD PGY-3 Mentor: Manish Suneja, MD October 2020

Concern for Food Allergy

Jeff Zavala, MD PGY-3 Mentor: Ben Davis, MD, PhD October 2020

Parkinsonism: Eyeing an Unusual Diagnosis

Matt Bauer, MD PGY-3 Mentor: Taher Abu Hejleh, MBBS

Owner of a Lonely Heart

Rob Windisch, MD PGY-2 Mentor: Greg Schmidt, MD

Chest Pain

Dr. Tommy Robinson Mentor: Paul Lindower, MD

Hypercalcemia due to ectopic PTH secretion from metastatic tumor treated with CRRT

Dr. Nathan Hocker PGY-2 Mentor: Dr. Surat KuppachiOctober 2020

Chest Pain and Dyspnea

Dr. Tyler Bullis PGY-2 Mentor: Dr. Barry London 2020 Finalist!

An usual case of diverticulitis

Dr. Reed Johnson PGY-1 Mentor: Dr. Ethan Kuperman

What lurks in the shadow

Dr. Emily Nguyen PGY-2 Mentor: Dr. Georgios Christodoulidis

Headache after a fall

Dr. Chermaine Hung PGY-2 Mentor: Dr. Jason Barker

Painful tongue mass

Dr. Mackenzie Hines PGY-2 October 2020

Shaky Delirium

Dr. Melissa Ludgate PGY-5 Mentor: Dr. Andrea Weber

Fever revisited in an immunocompromised patient

Dr. Qiujun Yu Mentor: Dr. Lemuel Non October 2020

Fever and shortness of breath

Dr. Ian Kidder PGY-2 Mentor: Dr. Raul Villacreses October 2020

When heart failure isn’t just heart failure

Dr. Wendy Liu PGY-2 Mentor: Dr. Paul Lindower

Hives, Joint Pain, and Fevers: A Diagnosis…

Dr. Alick Feng PGY-3 Mentor: Dr. Bharat Kumar October 2020

Altered Behavior and Malaise

Dr. Alicia Killian PGY-1 Mentor: Dr. James Willey October 2020

The Bruise Comes Before the Fall

Dr. Matthew Becker PGY-2 Mentor: Dr. Usha Perepu October 9th, 2020

Deadly Wavy Rhythm

Presenter: Behnam Laderian, MD Mentor: Steven Bailin, MD

Heart Failure with a Twist: Fever and Lymphadenopathy in an Immunosuppressed Patient

Presenter: Sydney Bowmaster, MD Mentor: Judy Streit, MD September 2019

VTE in malignancy, an alternative mechanism

Presenter: Austin Greco, MD September 2019

Encephalopathy, Respiratory Depression, and Flaccid Paralysis

Presenter: Dana Zhao, MD Mentor: Joesph Szot, MD September 2019

Wha’t’s going on?

Presenter: Hildur Jonsdotir, MD September 2019

Coagulopathy with hypercalcemica and confusion

Presenter: Kevin Sanchez, MD September 2019

Autoimmune Hepatitis Presenting with Concurrent Myocarditis

Presenter: Don X Ngueyn, MD Mentor: Brian Gehlbach, MD September 2019

A case of vision loss

Presenter: Luis G. Vargas Buonfiglio, MD Mentor: Ilonka Molano, MD September 2019

Clozapine, a Catch-22

Presenter: Brigid Adviento, MD, MPH September 2019

CAP with a Twist

Presenter: Alex Sieg, MD Mentor: Carly Kuehn, MD September 2019

Multiple Positive Autoantibodies and Recurrent Anterior Uveitis

Presenter: Ogechukwu Obiano, MD Mentor: Scott Vegelgesang, MD September 2019

I can’t see

Presenter: Dean Elhag, MD Mentor: Michihiko Goto, MD, and Takaaki Kogayashi, MD

Too Close to the Edge

Presenter: Erin Briggie, MD

Fibromyalgia or a PE?

Presenter: Yana Zemkova, MD Mentor: Laurie Lykholm September 2019

Chronic Refractory Diarrhea in an AIDS patient

Presenter: Ben Chen MD MS MPH Mentor: Judy Streit MD

Bleeding Gastric Varices with a Normal Liver

Presenter: Matthew W McGee, MD Mentor: Ethan Kuperman, MD

Creating a Path through Fevers and Dyspnea

Presenter: Lakshmi Nagarajan, MD Mentor: Georgio Christodoulidis, MD

Recurrent VT/VF

Presenter: Mohsan Chaudhry, MD Mentor: Mony Fraer, MD

A Hiccup in the Workup of Altered Mental Status

Presenter: Laura Hill, MD Mentor: Carly Kuehn, MD

Chest Pain

Uiowa ACP Clinical Vignette Competition Finalist 2019 Presenter: Devashree Dave, MD Mentor: Justin Smock, MD

Do you want to build a snowman?

Uiowa ACP Clinical Vignette Competition Winner 2019!!!!! Presenter: John Rieth, MD Mentor: Manish Suneja, MD

A not-so-simple fever and cough

Uiowa ACP Clinical Vignette Competition Finalist 2019 Presenter: Derek Hupp, MD Mentor: Joe Szot, MD

Not Just Another GI Bleed

Presenter: Desmond Barber, MD

Postoperative Presyncope

2019 Uiowa Abstract Competition Finalist Presenter: Craig Rosenstengle, MD Mentor: Katherine Harris, MD

A Mixed Picture

Presenter: Matthew Soltys, MD Mentor: Asma Al-Zougbi, MD

22-Year Old Male with a Mediastinal Mass and Hemoptysis

Presenter: Giselle Statz, MD Mentor: Donald MacFarlane , MD, PhD

Shortness of Breath, Not Always What You’d Expect

Presenter Derek Vogel MD Mentor: Dr. Brittany Bettendorf

A Clot in Transit

A Clot in Transit: Incidental POCUS Finding or Life Threatening Diagonsis Presenter Roger Struble MD MPH Mentor: Kevin C. Doerschug MD, MS September 2019

When things don’t improve after ERCP

Presenter Ray Lu MD Mentor: Justin Smock MD September 2019

Interstitial Lung Disease – IPF

Pleural Effusions / Lung Cancer

Dr. Hupp and Dr. Jain presenting on pleural effusions and lung cancer screening and management.

Drug-Induced AKI, Urticaria

R2 Talk Handout–Drug-Induced Kidney Injury Drug Induced Acute Interstitial Nephritis 1.      Definition and Prevalence a.       A decline in renal function characterized by inflammatory infiltrate in interstitium brought about by a drug b.      Accounts for about 15-27% of AKIs 2.      Culprits a.       NSAIDs b.      Antibiotics c.       Proton Pump Inhibitors d.      Diuretics e.       Allopurinol 3.      Presentation a.       […]

Cardiogenic Shock and AKI in Cirrhosis

Dr. Tyler Rasmussen and Dr. Erin Schlenker

HFpEF – Dr. Williford

Heart failure is a clinical diagnosis -Heart failure with persevered ejection vs heart failure with reduced ejection fraction can only be diagnosed via echocardiography Heart failure with reduced ejection fraction is not purely a disease of diastolic dysfunction Patients with HFpEF almost always have hypertension, and are more likely to be older, female, and obese […]

Hereditary Hemochromatosis

Dr. Craig Rosenstengle 1.       Hemochromatosis = Total body iron overload A.       Type 1 Hereditary hemochromatosis – HFE gene B.       Secondary iron overload (hemosiderosis) – Dyserythropoeisis, parenteral iron overload, and chronic liver disease are main drivers 2.       Iron Regulation A.       Enterocytes in duodenum absorb iron B.       Iron absorption regulated by hepcidin C.       Hepcidin produced by liver, […]

Staph Aureus Bacteremia + Peripheral Neuropathy – Dr. Simms and Dr. Bauer

A common and deadly disease in the hospital. Something for all good internists to master.

Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

It all begins with an idea.