Tony Klappa, MD

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Tony Klappa, MD

Rosalind Franklin University (2011)

Tony grew up in Hopkins, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis.  When Tony started elementary school, his mother also began training to become a physical therapist.  She would often study anatomy by using the famous “bone box” and anatomy coloring books, which she would enlist the help of her son to review bone anatomy with her or pick out the first color to use on a new page.  The combination of hands-on learning and feeling empowered helping his mother study, sparked his love for medicine, discovery, and helping people.

His newly-found passion carried him through school, finishing undergrad at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology.  One of his finest days occurred when he received his acceptance phone call from dean at the Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine and Science, where he graduated in 2011.  He furthered his medical education by completing his Internal Medicine residency at the University of Iowa, a program known for its strong academic background while stressing the importance of providing altruistic care.

Tony’s greatest experience in medicine, far exceeding his acceptance call, occurred while visiting a family in a local Iowan community who had unfortunately lost several family members to sudden cardiac death.  Their unrivaled hospitality and the gratitude he experienced during his clinical investigation, is something he will never forget and truly has been the steam that continues to power his dreams.

After serving as a Chief Resident, Tony plans on pursuing fellowship training in cardiology. His areas of interest in medicine include evidence-based medicine, clinical and basic research, and bedside ultrasound. When not working in the hospital or lab, Tony enjoys being active, strength training, and practicing guitar.

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