Addiction Medicine

This is a 4 part lecture series by Dr. Andrea Webber

Opioid Use Disorder


Alcohol Use Disorder

February 22nd, 2021

Substance Use / Harm Reduction



Nicotine Use Disorder



Mayo Clinic Handout on Nicotine Treatment:,15%2C%2010%2C%205%20mg%2F16%20hour%20%28Generic%20available%29%20Pros

Microsoft Word - Medication Handout_2015_05_02.doc_2021-01-11_14-39-05.png

Microsoft Word - Medication Handout_2015_05_02.doc_2021-01-11_14-41-44.png

Microsoft Word - Medication Handout_2015_05_02.doc_2021-01-11_14-44-15.png
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