Rash and Renal Disease

Rachel Genova, MD, PhD PGY-1 Mentor: Andrei Schwartz, MD

A Rheumatic HIT

Jared Robl, MD PGY-2 Mentor: Milena Gebska, MD, PhD

Shortness of Breath in an Immunocompromised Host

Justin Buzick, MD PGY-3 Mentor: Dan Berg, MD

I Can’t Move my Arms or Legs

Kathleen Borghoff, MD PGY-3 Mentor: William Iverson, MD

Ascites, A Rainbow of Opportunity

Sean Pickthorn, MD PGY-2 Mentor: Lauri Lyckholm, MD

A Purpura Puzzle

Elin Beck, MD PGY-3 Mentor: Manish Suneja, MD October 2020

Concern for Food Allergy

Jeff Zavala, MD PGY-3 Mentor: Ben Davis, MD, PhD October 2020

Parkinsonism: Eyeing an Unusual Diagnosis

Matt Bauer, MD PGY-3 Mentor: Taher Abu Hejleh, MBBS

Owner of a Lonely Heart

Rob Windisch, MD PGY-2 Mentor: Greg Schmidt, MD

Chest Pain

Dr. Tommy Robinson Mentor: Paul Lindower, MD