Thalassemia and Hemoglobinopathies

Dr. Usha Perepu

Disorders of Thrombosis

Dr. Grerk Sutamtewagul

Approach to Thrombocytopenia

08/16/2021. Dr. Grerk Sutamtewagul

Approach to Anemia

08/2/2021. Dr. Grerk Sutamtewagul

Plasma Cell Disorders

Dr. Chris Strouse 3/5/2021

GR – Merkel Cell Carcinoma

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds Clinical Pathology Conference: Merkel Cell Carcinoma: A Tragic and Uncommon Presentation of a Rare but Deadly Disease Drs. Jonsdottir, Isaacson, Laux 12/17/20


Internal Medicine Grand Rounds November 7, 2019DeGowin Lecture: Bringing Epidemiology to Life in Venous ThromboembolismMary Cushman, MD, MS, University of Vermont

Localized Prostate Cancer

Dr. Kuehn August 2016

Myeloid Malignancies

Dr. Vigil June 2017

Thrombotic Disorders

Dr. Sutamtewagul June 2017