Medical Students

Medical Students   The senior resident will identify appropriate patients for students to see. Support the students’ primary role with their patients. Help students identify the day’s tasks relative to each patient that they are caring for. Keep students informed of events and decisions. Discuss imaging findings and consultants’ suggestions with them prior to rounds […]


Competency in Professionalism o   Competency in Professionalism will be assessed on every rotation and reviewed biannually by the program. The final score is based on a 1-9 scale and will be provided to the ABIM. It will be comprised of 3 equal components: 1.                Professionalism assessments by faculty members on rotations (via evaluations on MedHub). […]

On Call

General Principles   During medical school, someone probably told you to eat when you can, sleep when you can, pee when you can. This is particularly true when you are on call! Each call night is different and unpredictable. You might have many admissions back-to-back, a few admissions spread out during the night, or no […]

Rotation Guidelines

6RC General Medicine Rotation   Take elevator D to the 6th floor and make a left to get to 6RC. The team A and B workrooms are across from the 50’s pod of patient rooms by the back nurse’s station. Team C’s workroom is across from the 90s pod. You can access your schedule through […]

Daily Progress Notes

In general, interns are responsible for writing progress notes for their patients. Seniors will write notes for an intern who has the day off. Seniors are strongly encouraged to assist post-call interns with notes to prevent work hour violations. Teamwork is the key! Each patient needs a progress note written every day that they are […]

Calling Consults

Calling Consultants   Prior to paging the Consultant, discuss the consult question and reason for consult with Senior Resident and/or Staff to be sure the consult is necessary. Lastly, have this information ready prior to paging: o   Know the patient’s name, date of and reason for admission, pertinent lab values/diagnostics (i.e. Hb, troponin, imaging and […]


Receiving Handoff   With rare exception, you are expected to be in-house and ready to take handoff from the on-call team no later than 6:45 am. Please be courteous to your colleagues and be on time. The post-call intern wants to get their work done and go home on time! Wouldn’t you? The post-call intern […]

Organizational Skills

Pre-rounding   If any patient is unstable upon your arrival in the morning, they take first priority. Assess the patient immediately and inform your senior resident. Pre- rounding can wait. Gather vital signs, laboratory data, and imaging/ procedure results for each patient. Be aware that daily lab results may not be posted until 8:30 or […]

ACGME Survey

All Categorical and Preliminary-Year Internal Medicine Residents:   The annual ACGME Resident Survey will be released to you within the next 24-48 hours.  You will receive an email directly from the ACGME with a link to the survey.  The email will probably come from  If you did not attend the noon conference presentation about the survey […]


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