Cholesterol Embolization

1/14/2022: Lung adenocarcinoma

68yo F presenting with acute onset shoulder pain Teaching Points: Approach to shoulder pain; metastatic disease

1/10/2022: Cryptococcal meningitis

28yo M presenting with subacute progressing worsening headache a/w nausea/vomiting Teaching points: approach to headaches ; CNS infections in the immunocompromised host

1/7/2022: Hypothyroidism

79yo F presenting with profound subacute progressive fatigue Teaching Points:Approach to bradycardia; hypothyroidism

1/3/22 – Disseminated Blastomycosis

Teaching Points: approach to lung infections in the immunocompromised host, disseminated blastomycosis

12/20/21 : complement mediated TMA

Teaching Points: Disorders of pregnancy and TMA

12/17/21 – Paraganglioma.

33yo M presenting with acute onset right sided flank pain. Teaching Points: Cardiomyopathy, paraganglioma

12/13/21: HLH

61yo M transferred from OSH with “urosepsis”. Teaching points: AGMA/lactic acidosis; HLH

12/10/21: Acute Budd Chiari Syndrome

25yo M with subacute progressive abdominal pain Teaching Points:: Transaminitis, Budd Chiari

12/6/21: Adult Onset Still’s Disease

21yo M with subacute joint pain Teaching Points: Arthralgias, Adult onset still’s disease