Fine Line Between Air and Water by Amanda Heuszel, MD
Dyspnea, Edema & the Fight Against Clinical Inertia by Nicholas Arnold, MD
Improving Goal Concordant Care at a VA Medical Center by Matthew Soltys, MD
Surviving Fluids by Roger Struble, MD, MPH

Chief Resident Presentations 2020

A mess o’trexate by Mohammad Salman Ansari, MD
Improving “Code Blues” Using Interprofessional Simulation Training by Brenden Boyle, MD
Approach to eosinophilia by Andrei Schwartz, MD
“Because he is old” by Jenny Strouse, MD

Chief Resident Presentations 2019
A Curious Case of Weakness and Fatigue by Nicole Grogan, MD
Crescents and Overlaps by Carolyn Hilliard, MD
Standardizing epinephrine administration in in-hospital anaphylaxis by Jennifer Langstengel, MD
Hepatic Fluid Collections by Bryce Duchman, MD

May 31, 2018
Chief Residents’ Presentations
A Daunting Diarrhea, Sheena CarlLee, MD
Prepare to be Pricked: Improving Patient Readiness  for Allergy Appointments, Amanda Grippen Goddard, DO
Only Skin Deep?: A 48 Year Old Presenting with Pathergy, Aaron Vose, MD
Connecting the Tubes, Josiah Zubairu, MD

May 26, 2016
Chief Resident Presentations
60 Year Old female With Fever and Dyspnea – Charles Rappaport, MD
Thinking Outside the Box – Raul Villacreses, MD
Hyperammonemia Syndrome in Solid Organ Transplants…Primarily a Pulmonary Problem – Dustin Krutsinger, MD
RightCare Rounds: A new take on high value care – Alexis Wickersham, MD

June 18, 2015
Chief Resident Presentations
Out of the Blue – Yazan Hasan, MBBS
Rapid Response Mystery – Dianna Edwards, MD
TB Determined?! – Tony Klappa, MD