25yo M with subacute F, myalgia, SOB

Dr. Ahmed Abdelhamid 10/6/2021 Morning Report

21yo M with 1mo joint pain, fever, weight loss

Dr. Erin Sternhagen Morning Report

31yo F with SLE p/w hematoma and acute anemia

8/4/2021. Dr. Lola Saliu PGY3 Description: Acute anemia and hematoma in a patient with SLE

Surg-co consults

07/21/2021. Dr. John Salomone, PGY3 Description: Surgical Co-management calls

60y M hx transplant p/w encephalopathy and neuro sx

7/7/2021. Dr. Dave Dimachkie, PGY2 Description: encephalopathy in a transplant patient