Morning Report – Dr. Arya Zandvakili

Description: Overnight surg-co consult, syncope workup

Morning Report – Dr. Mahak Saad

08/25/2021. Description: Altered mental status and acute pancytopenia

Morning report – Dr. Stephen Brennan

08/18/2021. Description: Upper extremity pain and swelling

Morning report – Dr. Stephen Stone

8/11/2021. Description: shortness of breath in an HIV+ patient

Morning Report – Dr. Lola Saliu

8/4/2021. Description: Acute anemia and hematoma in a patient with SLE

Morning Report – Dr. Aron Evans

7/28/2021. Description: subacute sore throat in a young male.

Morning Report: Dr. John Salomone

07/21/2021. Description: Surgical Co-management calls

Morning Report: Dr. Dimachkie

7/7/2021. Description: encephalopathy in a transplant patient

Morning Report – Borghoff – 25 yo with weakness

Dr. Kath Borghoff PGY3 June 9th 2021

74 year old male with fall and SOB

Case Conference: January 11th 2021 Amanda Heuszel, MD Roger D. Struble, MD, MPH