73yo M with acute onset nausea/vomiting, recent medication changes

2/16/2022 Dr. Nathan Hocker PGY3

57yo F with significant weight loss and weakness

2/9/2022 Dr. Chermaine Hung, PGY3

33yo M with shortness of breath

2/2/2022 Morning Report Dr. Christian Anderson, PGY2

55yo M with lethargy, fever, AMS

1/26/2022 Morning Report Dr. Evelyn Ross-Shapiro, PGY3

74yo M with diffuse body and joint aches

1/19/2022 Dr. Mackenzie Hines, PGY3

81yo F with abdominal pain

Dr. Matter Becker, PGY3 1/12/2022 Morning Report

77yo M with encephalopathy

Dr. Taylor Becker, PGY2 1/5/2022 Morning report  

72yo F with substernal crushing chest pain

Dr. Shahana Prakash, PGY-2 12/15 AM report

43yo F with chronic progressive shortness of breath

Dr. Rob Windisch, PGY3 12/8 – Morning Report

59yo M with acute abdominal pain

Dr. Kathie Zhang, PGY2 12/1 Morning Report