68yo M with SOB, recurrent

0 Dr. Ashwin Subramani, PGY3

33yo M with shortness of breath

2/2/2022 Morning Report Dr. Christian Anderson, PGY2

43yo F with chronic progressive shortness of breath

Dr. Rob Windisch, PGY3 12/8 – Morning Report

73yo M with fatigue, lack of energy, dyspnea

Dr. Josh Denk, PGY2 11/17 morning report

11/1/2021: Mesothelioma

88yo M w/ progressive subacute dyspnea Teaching Points:Evaluation of pleural effusions; mesothelioma

25yo M with subacute F, myalgia, SOB

Dr. Ahmed Abdelhamid 10/6/2021 Morning Report

64yo M with HIV p/w SOB

8/11/2021. Dr. Stephen Stone, PGY2 Description: shortness of breath in an HIV+ patient