Medical Decision Making Capacity

Presenter: Dr. Antony Gout, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Vicki Kijewski

Universal Health Coverage

Presenter: Dr. Arya Zandvakili, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Colin Gorden Handout - Universal Health Coverage


Dr. Tyler Bullis Mentor: Paul Lindower, MD NICM Handout


R2 talk – Understanding HFpEF Dr. Abdelhamid 1.     Definition a.     Heart failure in general is when the heart’s oxygen delivery is not meeting the body’s oxygen demand and if it does meet it, it is with high chamber filling pressures b.     Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction is a specific type of heart failure that […]

Cardiac Stress Testing

Dr. Adil Hassan Mentor: Dr. Hagiwara Cardiac stress testing Adil Hassan Who needs stress testing? Anyone presenting with new complaint of angina or recurrent complaint of angina (regardless of medical history) with NO evidence of active ischemia (EKG changes, elevated troponin) Who should NOT be stressed? Anyone that has unstable angina Pre-stress considerations? What is the patients […]

Clinical Applications of Psychedelic Drugs 

He Benny Chang R2 Talk 5/25/21 Clinical Applications of Psychedelic Drugs What is the difference between a hallucinogen and a psychedelic drug? Hallucinogens are a broad category of drugs that cause ‘hallucinations’. Psychedelics are a type of hallucinogen that work via 5-HT2A receptor agonism. Briefly recount the history of psychedelic drugs. Psychedelics have been used for thousands […]

Cardiovascular Disease in Pregnancy

Dr. Qiujun Yu Mentor: Dr. Mahi Ashwath

Venom/Sting Allergy

Dr. John Salomone 3/26/21

Racial Disparities in Healthcare

Dr. Sam Zetumer Mentor: Dr. Krista Johnson 3/17/21


Dr. Stephen Brennan, MD Mentor: Marcelo Corlea