Myeloid Neoplasms

Handout: Myeloid Neoplasms Presenter: Dr. Greg Kirkpatrick, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Nanmeng Yu

Tumor Lysis Syndrome

Article: Tumor Lysis Syndrome Presenter: Dr. Adam Prescott, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Taher Abu Hejleh

Guide to the CBC with Diff for the Internist

Handout: Guide to the CBC with Diff for the Internist Dr. Jon Day, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Brian Link

Transfusion Medicine

Handout: Transfusion Medicine Presenter: Joshua Denk, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Grerk Sutamtewagul Text on the button

Thalassemia and Hemoglobinopathies

Dr. Usha Perepu

Disorders of Thrombosis

Dr. Grerk Sutamtewagul

Iron Deficiency

Handout - Iron Deficiency Presenter: Dr. Stephen Peltier, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Garg

60yo M with AMS and acute pancytopenia

08/25/2021. Dr. Mahak Saad, PGY2 Description: Altered mental status and acute pancytopenia

Approach to Thrombocytopenia

08/16/2021. Dr. Grerk Sutamtewagul

Approach to Anemia

08/2/2021. Dr. Grerk Sutamtewagul