12/3/21 – Bullous erythema migrans

43yo F with acute atypical rash Teaching Points:Approach to rashes, Lyme disease

Cavitary Lung Lesion in HIV

Dr. Stephen Stone, PGY2 Mentor: Dr. Michael Ohl ACP Clinical vignettes


9/21/2021, Dr. Jeff Meier

ID Emergencies

09/20/2021, Dr Ben Appenheimer.


9/1/2021. Dr.

64yo M with HIV p/w SOB

8/11/2021. Dr. Stephen Stone, PGY2 Description: shortness of breath in an HIV+ patient

20yoM with subacute sore throat and fevers

7/28/2021. Dr. Aron Evans, PGY2 Description: subacute sore throat in a young male.

60y M hx transplant p/w encephalopathy and neuro sx

7/7/2021. Dr. Dave Dimachkie, PGY2 Description: encephalopathy in a transplant patient