Kudos to an Awesome Resident

Please fill out the form below. Will be sent to Chief’s to review. The form is anonymous, add your name if you would like. Kudos will be posted on this page and mentioned at housestaff.

Hashim Chaudry, PGY-5

For res-interning 3 days in a row and helping preserve Jeopardy!

Stephen Stone, PGY-2

For helping out with Jeopardy coverage!

Lola Salou, PGY-3

For helping out with Jeopardy coverage!

Taylor Cox, PGY-2

For helping during orientation as an escort between OSCE/VA training, and for his professionalism on the inpatient VA rotation

Jason Winward, PGY-3

For having a positive attitude and bring laughter and encouragement to the team during a few hard weeks in the MICU. He was willing to take extra work and go the extra mile for his co-resident who was struggling.

Paul Mester, PGY-3

From the CDI team: for his dedication to documentation excellence!

Thanks to all of our residents for all their hard work and dedication!