Kudos to an Awesome Resident

Please fill out the form below. Will be sent to Chief’s to review. The form is anonymous, add your name if you would like. Kudos will be posted on this page and mentioned at housestaff.

Lauren Zabel, PGY-1

For her perseverance in advocating for her patients on 6RC!

Naomi Vather-Wu, PGY-2

For winning 1st place in the SHM Iowa Chapter poster competition and acceptance to the national SHM abstract competition!

Brigid Adviento, PGY-4

For two abstract acceptances to the ASAM Conference!

Adam Prescott, PGY-2

For taking a last-minute add-on in an overbooked clinic for a patient misscheduled into his clinic in the first place!

Jon Day, PGY-2

For helping cover multiple recruitment tours on interview days!

Rachel Anderson, PGY-1

For helping cover multiple last minute recruitment tours on interview days!

McKenna Eisenbeisz, PGY-1

For having excellent bedside manner and warm patient interactions despite challenging circumstances!

Colten Stewart, PGY-2

Going above and beyond to advocate for a pt on VA wards after recognizing concerning home situation, facilitating quick dispo to CLC!

Reed Johnson, PGY-2

For excellent participation in multidisciplinary care of patient on VA wards from VA SW!

Hashim Chaudhry, PGY-5

For putting in extra time after a NF shift to help care for a Surg-Co patient!

Katelin Durham, PGY-2

For timely responses to the CDI team!

Jon Day, PGY-2

For attentively and effectively communicating with 4RC nurses and providing constructive feedback that was very well received!

Arya Zandvakili, PGY-2

For helping the Gold Hospitalist during an RRT at the VA – called consults, answered pages, and coordinated fellows to arrive early for a critically ill patient!

Truman Nguyen, PGY-1

For writing the best discharge summary a Heme/Onc staff had ever read, having the best negotiating power/empathetic connection with a patient!

Jared Robl, PGY-3

Helping with Jeopardy and simultaneously covering 2 VA teams on the same afternoon!

Christian Anderson, PGY-2

Facilitating effective communication and helping out during a code while on the Palliative Care team at the VA!

David Olaffson, PGY-3

For a thorough debrief with his residents and med students following a code at the VA!

Arya Zandvakili, PGY-2

For going above and beyond to help a critically ill COVID patient overnight at the VA !

Chermaine Hung, PGY-3

For helping cover the MICU for a colleague under extraordinary last minute circumstances!

Mahak Saad, PGY-2

For an OUTSTANDING job covering for 1 day as 6RC senior, planning ahead on a day with only one intern with multiple discharges, and having seen ALL of the patients before rounds.

Jared Robl, PGY-3

Handling a very sick patient with multiple comorbidities effectively and efficiently that acutely decompensated on an overnight shift with coordination of multiple services (including a GOC conversation!)

Alex Cuskey, PGY-1

For being so helpful and already taking lots of initiative in teaching other team members, especially students, even as a new intern!

Alex Garza, PGY-2

Diagnosed a new murmur on a hepatology consult patient! Staff and gen med team were impressed.

Kathie Zhang, PGY-2

From the renal fellow for doing a phenomenal job on the rotation, going above and beyond, and helping out on an incredibly busy weekend day!

Alex Paschke, PGY-1

For doing an excellent job with his first paracentesis!

Hashim Chaudry, PGY-5

For res-interning 3 days in a row and helping preserve Jeopardy!

Stephen Stone, PGY-2

For helping out with Jeopardy coverage!

Lola Salou, PGY-3

For helping out with Jeopardy coverage!

Taylor Cox, PGY-2

For helping during orientation as an escort between OSCE/VA training, and for his professionalism on the inpatient VA rotation

Jason Winward, PGY-3

For having a positive attitude and bring laughter and encouragement to the team during a few hard weeks in the MICU. He was willing to take extra work and go the extra mile for his co-resident who was struggling.

Paul Mester, PGY-3

From the CDI team: for his dedication to documentation excellence!

Thanks to all of our residents for all their hard work and dedication!